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Proclaim now works with your Planning Center Online account.

Finally, Proclaim has eliminated the time consuming step of entering your service in a church presentation software after your service has been planned.

1. Download

Download Proclaim

It's simple to make a presentation from your details in Planning Center Online using Proclaim. To get started, download Proclaim for free. What's Proclaim? Proclaim is the new cloud-based church presentation software that gives your team access to edit and present from any computer. With Proclaim you can send signals to engage those using mobile devices in your congregation to follow along in the Bible, receive a calendar events, or even participate in mobile giving.

2. Connect

Connect Planning Center

After you download Proclaim, simply link your Planning Center Online account. With one button you can import a planned service and a presentation is automatically created. Each service order item makes a new presentation slide and is available for additional edits.


Customize Your Presentation

Proclaim gives you the ability to drag and drop service items to further customize the service. Add any background images or Bible verses you want to show and your presentation is ready to go. Simply click On Air and present your Planning Center Online service.

Download Proclaim today.