Seamless Collaboration
Beautiful Presentations

Live Training Webinar

Join us this coming Friday, October 9th at 11am PST for a live training webinar. This is a great way to get a live demonstration of Proclaim from your own computer.

Stress-Free Collaboration


Your team can arrange song lyrics, announcement slides, and sermon notes from anywhere. One On Air license allows you to install Proclaim on as many computers as you want (Mac or PC).

Simplified Sermons

Smart Media automatically formats the slides to make your presentation look great every time. You can broadcast to your congregation's mobile devices using Proclaim Signals. And Proclaim integrates seamlessly with Logos Bible Software.


Visually Engaging Worship

Impressive imagery comes standard—get $1,000.00 worth of beautiful artwork. With Smart Media, lyrics are formatted instantly—saving you both time and energy. Present the Bible beautifully with engaging custom animations.